Back to work…with delays for NJT out of NYP

Another example…

It turned out to be a very bad evening commute…with problems across  virtually all NYP trains. To be clear, I do not subscribe to every NJT alert (just the ones for my lines)

(1) The first signs of trouble: 

Clever Commute [5:01 PM] 4:39 from Penn stopped. Overhead wire issues

New Jersey Transit [5:12 PM] Trains in/out of New York Penn Station subject to 20-30 minute delays due to Amtrak signal problem. Sent: 05:10 PM
(2) The only other e-mail communication I received from NJT was regarding the canceling of the 7:37
Clever Commute [7:29 PM] 7:37 from Penn canceled!

New Jersey Transit [7:34 PM] MBNTN-MID #6291 the 7:37pm departure from NYP is cancelled passengers to 6663, transfer to train 1015 at Broad St. Newark
Sent: 07:33 PM

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