Baker’s dozen – the game-changing new feature from the Inside Track

The Inside Track now has a way to let you know if there are new commuter-generated alerts on YOUR line. You can also monitor a secondary line!
The best part: You can do this without checking your e-mail!  

Here is how it works: (illustrations of all of this can be found below. Click on images to expand)

  • We added two new fields to The Inside Track: the words Primary and Secondary
    (Be sure you have set up a Primary and Secondary line. Use the Profile feature in the app)
  • When a commuter shares an alert on your Primary or Secondary line, the corresponding word on the page change to red
  • When you click-through, you will see the actual alert!
  • We also share the e-mail address you would use to share information on that line.

Other cool stuff:

  • The alerts will show up here before they show up in your inbox
  • We’re still experimenting with new ways to show you this data…so we may tweek the web page a bit
  • We only show you alerts only from the previous 6 hours (if you think you need more, then let us know)
  • In the future, we will give commuters the option to request that their account stop receiving alerts as e-mails (some people may decide that all they need is to browse them in the app)


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