15 features of “The Inside Track” for NJ Transit Train Riders

When we first announced The Inside Track, we promised you that it would be a suite of services that you would value and use. We also promised that we’d continue to enhance it.
With that said, we are pleased to share this list of features. Some are new…and ALL have been enhanced.
NEW: We continue to improve the user interface. We now show the data using a Red / Yellow / Green color scheme which gives you at-a-glance info about your commute (link)
Here is what you currently get as a member of our premium service:
  1. Track-number-history for ALL trains (link) – We give it to you as a table and a pie chart.
  2. Track numbers for “departed” trains (link). Think you  just missed your train? We’ll tell you “what track?” even if NJT takes it off their board. This is a lifesaver on nights with widespread delays.
  3. No need to check e-mail or Twitter. We push YOUR alerts to YOUR Inside Track page.  (link). You control how many messages you see, too!
  4. See station stops / times for all listed trains Sure…you know the departure time…but do you know when you are supposed to arrive? (Click through on the Time column  to see it)
  5. An enhanced departure board built for today’s web – Runs on PC, Mac, App, iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows phone, etc. Check from your home/office before and during your commute.
  6. Get-away day advice. We use our 7 years of historical data to help you make a smooth get-away on days such as Thanksgiving Eve.
  7. Automatic notification when our technology spots trouble brewing –  E.g., when 30% of the listed trains are on STAND BY (link)
  8. Clarity for you regarding holiday schedules (e.g., what is the schedule on Veterans Day? MLK Day?)
  9. NJT schedule changes (1 of 2) – You get the heads up from us when NJT annouces schedule will be changing
  10. NJT schedule changes (2 of 2) – We actually tell you “What changed?”
  11. Concierge service – A reminder when monthlies are on sale (link)
  12. Avoid headachesMatinee Wednesday? Special events in Times Square? We’ll let you know the night before.
  13. We give you a heads up about known issues which will likely impact your trip (e.g., when the President is in town, events at Madison Square Garden)
  14. We inform you about things you otherwise would not know about (e.g., notification of issues from all NJT riders…not just those on your line)
  15. Understand Gridlock Alert Days – We explain and notify you before each one
  16. Shhh – we are currently beta testing 2-3 more. To be announced in December.

…and there is always more in the pipeline!

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