How The Inside Track impacted me in a VERY personal way

[This is an excerpt from a message I sent to Clever Commuters on  April 18, 2012]
I’ve been telling you about our revolutionary new service (Clever Commute “Inside Track”) which lets you avoid problems with your commute. Well…last night, it was a game-changer for me…for a reason VERY near and dear to me. I strongly encourage you to be a charter member at the price of $1.99 (this is introductory pricing which will not last).
To sign up, go to and create your new account.
The scoop: Last night was a mess at NYP…but I was still OK to put my daughter on a train…alone…for the first time ever. Why?
  • Even though Penn was teeming…with mobs at every terminal…we WALKED RIGHT PAST THEM AND GOT ON THE 5:44 PM AT 5:20 PM. The train was NOT yet announced…but The Inside Track told me “Track 4”.
    We strolled right down…and were the FIRST people on the train. We got her THE BEST seat…and then waited upstairs for her to be safely en route
  • ALSO: throughout the evening, Clever Commute technology “scanned” the NJT departure boards and let me know when the number of trains on “Stand by” surpassed the Clever Commute threshold. (example below)
It does not matter if you have been with Clever Commute for a long time…or if you are new. When you see The Inside Track, you’ll be blown away.
For me, last night was proof positive that it’s worth all the effort we put into it.
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