Why our Premium sevice is GREAT for bus riders

You may already know that our premium service, is a great tool for people who ride the trains (e.g., NJT, LIRR and MNR).  But many features work just as well (if not better) for bus riders!

BONUS: – when you sign up for  Clever Commute Premium, you also get full access to the info about NJ Transit Trains. This is incredibly helpful for people who use both providers.

We now give you over 30 features. Here are some of the most-obvious ways that it can help ease and de-stress the bus commute (see the entire list here…with links to more info and examples)

  1. Control over the time-of-day and day-of-week you receive Clever Commute messages – If you are at your desk by 9:00 AM…then that is when your morning messages stop. Similar functionality for the evening.
  2. Integrated official alerts from Port Authority  – We have a feed from PABT and we send those messages to you (and you have the option to opt out)
  3. Integration with Twitter (e.g., DeCamp bus line’s Twitter feed is a good source of data. We give you the option to see those updates in the app).
  4. Automated cross-sharing – If any commuter (on another bus route) shares info that is relevant to you, you will see it in your feed (e.g., conditions at XBL, helix, PABT).
  5. Multiple feeds – Only Premium can see more than one feed in their Recent Alerts.
  6. The ability to “pause” your alerts on those days when you are not commuting (e.g., vacation or business travel) – Also, on any given day, you can “snooze” your alerts (for 6 or 20 hours).
  7. Delivery options – You can elect to receive alerts as push notifications, e-mails or simply via the app.
    [See an example]
  8. As of Dec 2016,it’s the only way to get your alerts as e-mails
    – If you opt-in to our e-mail-based delivery, then there is no need to open the message to see the alerts
    – The e-mails have enhanced formatting – Keywords are highlighted to make the important things stand out…and quick to read.
    – Faster delivery than the e-mails we used to send from our free service.

There are many other features…with more on the way.