Can social networking beat back the recession?

Earlier today, I heard from an old friend from high school…yes, via Facebook. He called his idea “simple”…but it’s beautiful: “Each person who chooses to participate needs to simply write a note about what types of clients they are looking for…Tag everyone on your FaceBook network”

And then he went on to tell me more about his business ( and the type of help he is looking for. It sparked a few ideas with me…and I’m thrilled that I can help a fellow entrepreneur.

So…what does Clever Commute need?

1. Growth in membership. Clever Commute is well-positioned to run at 10x its current size…but we need help getting there.
We KNOW based on experience that stories in the press drive massive amounts of rider sign-ups.

Anyone out there from WSJ? Time? Newsweek? WIRED? Business Week? Entrepreneur? Fortune? Forbes? Local / regional paper…especially in Metro-North country…but anywhere around NY/Boston is great. Even Chicago
2. Advertisers. Did you know we are a GREAT advertising platform?
Think about it: Metro North tells me that the average commuter is a 40 year old male with $173K salary.

Anyone out there at Starbucks corporate? Dunkin Donuts Heineken? Wine? Cigars? Cars? Skiis?  Health clubs?
Do you work for “a brand”? Do you work at an agency…a media-buying company?
3. B2B subscribers – Did you know that 1/2 of our business model is in licensing the actual content about the commute to news organizations and health-and-safety organizations?

Does your company have a “disaster recovery” team that would like to get our feed of the real scoop? Do you work for channel 2,4,5,7,9 or 11 and want to be able _really_ know what to tell your audience about the commute? A radio station? A state/federal agency?

…and overall: we have endless capacity to engage people looking to get involved with something truly innovative. If you or someone you know is “inbetween” and looking to do some pro-bono work…or if you are a student looking to see how a real start-up works…then let us know. We’ll take short-term consultants…we’ll take interns…but unfortunately we can’t pay…yet 😉

I’ll end on a bright note: it’s been 3 years of Clever Commute…and “it’s all been validated”. We have culture, scale, a business model, network-caliber clients, revenue, profitability and growth. We just need more of many of these!

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