Continuously improving the Clever Commute experience

The one-liner here is that we have developed a new way to make your Clever Commute experience better than ever:

As we near the 10,000 member mark, Clever Commute’s patent-pending approach to crowdsourcing is THE go-to source for the very best way to learn about your commute.
Now that we have 4 years of history regarding “what makes a good message”…we have implemented new real-time technology that scans the posts from commuters…and suppresses those that do not follow our guidelines (which we call our “rules of the road”)
This innovation is on top of all the other ways we apply the very best practices in technology and social media.

We began the pilot of this approach last week…and the results have exceeded our expectations. Please note that we are trying to automate our process of getting feedback and coaching to those of you who _do_ send messages…but in the meantime, please understand that if you send a message, there is a (small) chance that it will not get sent to the community.

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