Sending a message? Do this…not that

Is commuting tough? You betcha. Can it make you want to scream? Yes. Is Clever Commute the place to release unfiltered quips and snarks? Sorry…no. Let me explain:

Sure, we’re all adults here. But Clever Commute is designed to be a focused, purpose-centric network where people share actionable, real-time info about the in-process commute.

To that end, our proprietary software scans each message for unsuitable content. “Unsuitable content” includes (but is not limited to) profanity, questions, insults, sarcasm.  So here is what happens:

Messages which are 100% venting / complaining about the commute will not be sent out to the commuting community. (If you want to see those messages, then check out @CleverVent on Twitter) .

However, it’s sometimes the case that a message contains both content which is helpful…and other content which is not helpful. Our technology will also hold those messages for review. More often than not, they go stale before one of our moderators can override the hold…and the message never sees the light of day.
Please look at the examples below and appreciate that there is virtually no technology which could differentiate between the two types of examples there. All of these messages below were held.

Therefore, in order to be as helpful as possible, please only send info which is constructive and actionable.  (FYI – our best practices)

Examples: These messages are simply venting…as they have virtually zero actionable information. Clever Commute will not release messages such as these

  • Its amazing how NJT increases fares & quality of customer care doesn’t improve. Single deck train can’t support the morning rush.
  • Conductor on the train to–where?–in hiding, lest he be forced to communicate any information
  • What purpose is there sending us to Hoboken when there are zero MTD trains to Dover???
  • b/c I decide 2 avoid the chaos @ terminals, I don’t get the “cross-honor”? NJT s/b happy there’s 1 less person packed in
  • 5:43 got a talking-to over the PA system about not making rude gestures at the conductors when the train arrives late. Yeah.
  • After the past week of delays I think everyone is a little shell shocked 🙂 #buildanothertunnelnow
  • NJT stinks!!! how can anyone trust making an appointment – morning or night.
  • Re: that 7:25 CC post – wonder if Uber was cross honoring

However, these could have been OK…if the sender simply omitted the bolded portion

  • They post the 6:18 on track 1 it’s SRO. Then they post the 5:50 on 10. WTF?
  • 5:50 from NY Penn is running late… Still still here and there is an Adidas bag still unattended. Really people?
  • The bus lane is stuck as usual. Gov Christie, NJT, Port Authority do your jobs AND FIX THIS PROBLEM
  • Train 6616 sitting waiting for space to open up at Hoboken terminal – always sounds like a good idea to divert trains but it never quite works
  • 6:30 to Huntington left 10 minutes late. No explanation. Tkt collector had no clue.
  • 8:41 from Nyc held at Rahway due to police activity hold the entire train for a fair jumper ?????????really ? worth it??
  • 8:51 out of Penn delayed after SEC due to signal problems. would like a beer please.
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