Hello LA / MetroLink – A new era begins!

The one-liner here is “Welcome…thanks for joining…please help us grow this service”

I just returned from the West Coast and was pleasantly surprised by all the great new energy and sign-ups across several Clever Commute MetroLink lines.

While I was out in the LA area, I spent some time promoting Clever Commute by talking to riders, locals, the traditional media and local bloggers.
It seems to have paid off in a nice uptick in sign-ups. But…”more is better”.

If you Google around a bit, you’ll see a lot of good news about Clever Commute. Here’s more:
Clever Commute is real. Free to use, it already works in many commuter areas…including each of the top 4 US commuter lines. We are no longer at the stage of “figuring it out” or asking “will it work?” Rather, we are a vital part of the commuter’s life.
We need the community’s help in making it bigger for the LA area. This will happen with your help.

Remember, the way “CC” works is that commuters share their real-time tips with fellow commuters…so riders should want as many people enrolled as possible. Believe me (the founder), the system can handle growth…and I mean that from a technical and functional point of view. Case in point: since the day I started Clever Commute, “my” has always had more Clever Commuters than any other. But with that said: my line has also tripled in size over the last 12 months.
So…please…PLEASE share this mail and encourage your train buddies, neighbors, work colleagues, etc to sign up. It WILL help your commute.

Thanks in advance for pioneering. Life in transit WILL get better once you use Clever Commute.


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