The Inside Track – The Help Page

Inside Track

Some tips (not all tips are applicable to all carriers)

Use the gears menu on the main page…and click on Edit Profile to select:

  • what info you receive from us
  • how you receive it
  • when you receive it
Regarding  WHAT info you receive from us
Scroll down until you see My Communication Preferences. Your choices:
  1. Alerts from Commuters – Info sent from your fellow passengers on (only) your primary line
  2. Special Alerts – This info is from a variety of sources… including riders on other lines
  3. Track number notificationsUse the Trains and Tracks feature to select your trains
    NOTE regarding track numbers: Click on Trains and Tracks  to select the trains you are interested in.
    Want text messages? You need to share your cell number…and check the appropriate box for that train.
    Want e-mails?  Just check the appropriate box for that train (we have your e-mail address)

Regarding HOW you receive info from us

  • E-mail – check the box for E-mail in My Communication Preferences
  • Text message – check the box for Text Messages
  • If you don’t want any all messages “pushed” to you – uncheck the boxes

Regarding WHEN you receive info from us:  Check the boxes for My Commute Times and My Commute Days.

By default, we use the same communciation preferences for your Primary, Secondary and Tertiary routes.
You can toggle that ON/OFF via the checkbox next to each on the Edit Profile page.

In addition to the time-of-day and day-of-week control you may also

  • pause/restart alerts (e.g. vacation, business travel)
  • set a snooze on your alerts (which will auto-resume after a pre-set time)

Regarding Track Predictions – Our proprietary algorithm predicts the tracks and ranks them by probability. The values will become  increasingly accurate as departure time nears…so user the Refresh feature of your browser to get the very latest.

A special note on Track Number texts and e-mails: If you have requested notification for trains outside of your My Commute Times / Days…you WILL receive these notifications.
However: Using the Snooze or Pause/Resume feature (described above) will temporarily freeze all notifications (including track number alerts).

Regarding Active Notifications – By checking the box next to your route selections on your profile, you are enabling the ability to receive e-mails and texts for up to 3 lines…in accordance with your communication preferences.

Final notes regarding communications

  • You always have the ability to view your alerts via the web app itself
  • If you were a user of our free service, then please click here for important info
    (to avoid receiving duplicate messages).

Regarding the overall view of the departureboard – Please see this link