Inside Track: We can show you WHERE your NJT train is

A picture is worth a thousand words…and here are two really amazing ones.

What you see below is the main view of the morning view of our NJ Transit departure board.





First, let’s look at two key things about the departureboard

 #1 – We recommend that you keep this value set to Auto …so that it shows the proper view in the morning… and the evening

 #2 – If Departs is underlined, then it is a clickable link


 Scroll down to see why this is so incredible…







Yes! We show you real-time train location!

What you need to know

 #1 & #2 – This is live location info…with train route details…directly from NJ Transit.

 #3 – Your train…on a map

 #4 – This reflects what you shared as Origin when you signed up for Inside Track. You can view/change that via the Profile feature at

This is a standard Google map. Therefore you can pinch, swipe and zoom for additional info.

Please note: This is a brand-new feature….and is not available for all trains at this time.
Clever Commute gets this data from NJ Transit…and as they continue to deploy this technology, you will see maps available on more and more trains.