Taking crowdsourcing to a new level

As you know, the information you get via our free service comes from your fellow commuters on YOUR train (or bus) route.
We are exploring new technology which would identify the issues which are reported on one line…but are of interest to all.  Examples:
  • For NJT Train Riders – “single tracking” affects all lines to NY Penn
  • For LIRR – “track changes” at NYP affect most (if not all) commuters
  • For MNR – Issues at 125th street (e.g., fire) affect all three major lines
  • For NJ Bus riders – messages about the XBL and the tunnel will be of broad interest
See what we’re getting at here?
Please use our Contact Us tool to share your thoughts and ideas: What are the specific things that you feel are of systemwide interest?
As a first step, we are looking for your feedback on what to look for. After that, we’ll use technology to actually identify it.
Clever Commute can then syndicate that info and also label it as automated cross-route shares
Thanks for your replies
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