Metrics via Clever Commute

Clever Commute is constantly enhancing its offering of transit metrics. Here is what we currently measure

  • Which NJ Transit train is most CANCELED, DELAYED  or set to STANDY BY?
  • How far in advance is each train announced?
  • What track has each train historically used?

And of course, there is the biggest question of all: On-time performance

When transit providers report on this, they use 3 industry-standard protocols…which the commuter should view as caveats

  1. If a train is reported within 6 minutes of scheduled time…then it is recorded as on time
  2. Monthly performance reflects all trains for the month (e.g., off-peak is blended with peak)
  3. Trains which are cancelled are omitted from the metrics

The Clever Commute solution: Forgo the above and provide full transparancy via data provided by our community of tech-enabled commuters. They use the app to capture datapoints such as:

Morning Commute Evening Commute
  • Departure time from the various station stops
  • Arrival time at the terminal
    (e.g., NY Penn, Hoboken)
  • Departure time from terminal
  • Arrival time at the various station stops

The result:
 Objective, comprehensive and granular data on each trip: what happened?…and when did it happen? 

Morning Train Examples NY Penn Arrival (Scheduled)  NY Penn Arrival (Actual) Delta
NJ Transit #6210
8:20 AM
8:36 AM
+0:16 min
NJ Transit #6214
8:59 AM
9:16 AM
+0:17 min


FYI – See this page for more information about the data capture process.