Capturing Performance Metrics

We have enhanced the app’s Participate page in the app to allow users to do more than share alerts.
Users can now follow the prompts to capture on-time performance metrics about each train.

Here is a guide to the fields

Red = Required
 = Optional
the “(3) What is the impact?” field is hidden when user is providing metrics

Field Comment
(1) What do you want to do? Set that to Provide metrics
(2) What’s happening?  Pick from list.
Note 1: It shows different choices based on AM vs PM
Note 2: IMPORTANT – For AM arrival time at your terminal (e.g., NY Penn), the key measure here is the time that the doors opened at terminal. 
(4) Does this relate to a train? Pick train from the list
(5) Tell us a bit more Add a comment if you like
Press the Send button to submit the real-time metrics!