Missed your train? Not so fast :)

When we built The Inside Track, we said that we’d listen to you and build new features all the time. Well, here is the first of many:

You can now use The Inside Track to get your track number after the train has been removed from the official departure board.

Here are 2 reasons why this is such a great new feature

1. Trains do not leave at their scheduled departure time.
Read this NY Times article about the one-minute cushion you have between official and actual departure times.

The phantom minute, in place for decades and published only in private timetables for employees, is meant as a grace period for stragglers who need the extra time to scramble off the platform and onto the train.

2. On those nights when there are widespread delays, it may be the case that your train is still in the station…even after it is removed from the departureboard.

So…you can now use our mobile-enabled  website to see where your train is.

Here is a screenshot from Inside Track at 7:06 PM. As you’d expect, the 7:03 train to Trenton is no longer listed on the traditional board (Clever Commute or NJT). However, if you click on Departed Trains, you can find the track (14). How cool is that?