Oh yea, Track Numbers!

We’re hitting on all cylinders now!  Finding and fixing a few residual glitches…but I think we have a new product!

We’re building a cheat sheet of tips to use for participants.  We hope this helps. (https://clevercommute.com/blog/?page_id=257)

Here are the in-scope trains…and the scorecard for how the commuters did at sharing the track numbers

YES – 5:18 from NYP (train #6431)
YES – 5:20 from NYP (train #6647)
YES – 5:47 from NYP (train #6651)
Broadcast to all  – 5:50 from NYP (train #6435)
Not tonight – 6:09 from NYP (train #6653)
YES – 6:16 from NYP (train #6655)
YES – 6:43 from NYP (train #6359)
Not tonight 6:54 from NYP (train #6659)

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