Some NJT Metrics on Day 1 of Summer of Hell

Clever Commute is much more than a place to share Twitter-style messages.

This page shows examples of how we use technology to harvest actual train arrival and departure information.

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There are two tables below for the “Day 1” commute on NJ Transit

  1. Morning (to NYC / Hoboken)
  2. Evening (from NYC / Hoboken)
NOTE: This is actual data from today…published as a service to the commuting community.
The process of collecting and rendering this data is new.
The depth and breadth of the content will improve…as will the approach to presenting it

Here is the morning view. Scroll down to see the evening view 

LineTrainScheduled ArrivalReported ArrivalPlus or Minus
Gladstone Branch4148:42 AM8:46:13 AM+ 4 m 13 s
Main/Bergen County Line11527:40 AM7:45:56 AM+ 5 m 56 s
Main/Bergen County Line11548:14 AM8:15:57 AM+ 1 m 57 s
Main/Bergen County Line12027:23 AM7:30:41 AM+ 7 m 41 s
Northeast Corridor31248:18 AM8:17:52 AM- 0 m 8 s
Northeast Corridor31268:36 AM8:30:15 AM- 5 m 45 s
North Jersey Coast Line32228:24 AM8:26:17 AM+ 2 m 17 s
North Jersey Coast Line33127:14 AM7:18:51 AM+ 4 m 51 s
Northeast Corridor37108:22 AM8:22:30 AM+ 0 m 30 s
Northeast Corridor37189:44 AM9:38:38 AM- 5 m 22 s
Northeast Corridor39329:40 AM9:42:40 AM+ 2 m 40 s
Montclair-Boonton Line62046:46 AM6:46:58 AM+ 0 m 58 s
Montclair-Boonton Line62067:40 AM7:42:02 AM+ 2 m 02 s
Montclair-Boonton Line62148:59 AM8:59:13 AM+ 0 m 13 s
Montclair-Boonton Line62169:50 AM9:54:50 AM+ 4 m 50 s
Morris & Essex Line66107:10 AM7:13:41 AM+ 3 m 41 s

Here is the evening view.

LineTrainScheduled DepartureReported DeparturePlus or Minus
Main/Bergen County Line11736:36 PM6:37:36 PM+ 1 m 36 s
North Jersey Coast Line32695:34 PM5:36:13 PM+ 2 m 13 s
Northeast Corridor39555:43 PM5:46:37 PM+ 3 m 37 s
Northeast Corridor39637:03 PM7:15:08 PM+ 12 m 08 s
Montclair-Boonton Line62634:52 PM4:51:34 PM- 0 m 26 s
Montclair-Boonton Line62796:10 PM6:12:02 PM+ 2 m 02 s




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