Spring 2016 Free App Beta

Android beta version of the PREMIUM Clever Commute app!
How it works 

  1. You must be in the Clever Commute beta program to install the app (Use the Contact form of our website to let us know you want to join the beta test).
  2. Request a download of the beta from Google Play via the link we send you.
    Note: We can not control the timing of the download from Google Play to your device. We appreciate your patience.
  3. The new version has a TON of new features
    New free features (scroll down on that page to see)
    New premium features
  4. Please experiment in the trial period…but also do make the purchase.
    Give us your feedback…and we’ll refund your first year.
Logging in:

Inside Track user? Then use your existing id and password.

 – Otherwise –

Use your existing user id and password (which you use for the free app)

Please read:

  • The Beta software DOES connect you to the live Clever Commute system.
  • Yes – you can use the beta version to send real messages if you have something to report to fellow commuters.
  • If you want to send a “test” message, then use the new category for that.
  • Please give us feedback. Let us know if you have ANY questions.
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