Features – The Clever Commute (free) app

Android and iOS version are available! Free!

Key features: Viewing Alerts

  • Shows you user-generated alerts in a newsfeed-style interface
  • See the location of the alert on a map
  • Optional push notifications when a new alert is posted

Key features: Sending Alerts

  • Option to add a category to a post (or simply allow our technology to do that for you)
  • Option to add a train number to a post
  • Dynamic countdown counter for message size

Key features: User Profile 

  • Switch between transit lines to see alerts on other routes
  • Easily modify your primary route, start/end points
  • App-based approach keeps you logged in

New: A Leaderboard 

New: A real-time, customizable Departureboard with data from the transit providers 

Enhanced: Viewing Alerts

  • Reorganized the page to give you a faster, cleaner user interface
  • Each alert now has a bold Headline…so you can quickly determine if an alert is of interest to you.
  • Benefit from relevant alerts from riders (Rail Warriors) on other lines. Look for  the Clever pawprint next to their name…and pink banner)
  • See the estimated impact (duration) of a given alert
  • You may opt-in to read Vents from fellow commuters
  • You may opt-in to check the status of your train/bus by reading Check ins

Enhanced: Sending Alerts

  • Improved structure for the user-generated alerts.
  • Alerts now have a headline (aka “The Issue” [Category])
  • Capture the impact: A short delay? Long?
    For both: Pick it yourself…or let our technology determine it for you!
  • You benefit from our trusted users (Rail Warriors)…who can send one alert to multiple communities
    (e.g., something from another line/route will affects YOUR commute!)
  • Hashtag it!
  • You can blow off some steam using our new Vent feature
  • You can simply share the location of your train / bus or any alert via our new Check In feature

Enhanced: Your Profile  (Profile is indeed now your profile.)

New: A proper Settings menu

  • My Commute – Easily modify your primary route, start/end points and commuting days / times
    (Premium users have the option to only receive alerts during their commute days/times)
  • Comms and Config – Premium users go here to set their app preferences (e.g., Communication preferences and other Configuration)
  • MyTrains – Premium users go here to let us know which trains you are intereted in (for track numbers and other special alerts)

New: A Help menu – with the info you’d expect

  • About the app 
  • How to contact us
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy
  • Best Practices (Rules of the Road)