Top 7 reasons your message did NOT get posted

We know full well that the success of this service depends on that committed minority that actually does the sharing…and I appreciate your participation and your trust. I value your feedback…and want to hear from you if you think we can improve Clever Commute (feedback at  clevercommute-dot-com)

Regarding your messages: if you follow our “best practices ” (AKA “rules of the road”)…there should be no problem

But…in the spirit of David Letterman, here are the top 7 reasons why it may be the case that you actually _sent_ a message to your community on Clever Commute…but it did NOT go through.

1. You signed up with one e-mail address (e.g., your work address)…but you sent your note from another (e.g., your home address). YOU’D BE AMAZED how often this happens.

2. Your note contained a question (even if part of your message contains “a statement”). We’ve got over 20,000 people in this network…so in order to avoid a mail storm, all questions (even rhetorical) are a no-no.

3. Your note contained something that was not constructive (e.g., “thanks NJ Transit!”). Put another way: would you expect to hear/see your message on a news report?

4. Non-suitable language  / Profanity (and we use that term liberally)

5. Your mail is not original content (e.g. you “forward” or “reply” to another message)

6. Our technology determined that another rider on your line already shared info about this particular issue
(not to fear, if you really have more/better info to add, our technology “writes to you”…and tells you how you can indeed get your message out – more info here:

7. You’re new here – We immediately make you a recipient of all the alerts on your line…but it’s a few weeks  until you can send. That gives you some time to get a feel for the zen of this group…learn the ropes.

Overall – think about it this way: the best messages are ones that help the other commuters make real-time decisions about their commute. If your message is one of those…then great. If not…it may get held for review…or not sent at all.

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