Welcome New Members!

Welcome to all the riders who learned about Clever Commute via the stories on WNBC or CNN/Money.com

There is still plenty of room to grow…and the value of these communities increases as more people join. Please share the good news of Clever Commute. You have joined a community that gives you the ability to help (and receive help from) your fellow passengers. All of the “alerts” and “advisories” will come from YOU…and are sent directly to your fellow commuters (on your line).

  • Your should have received a “Welcome” mail. Please make note of the one e-mail address you need for the train line your ride (You can always reach CleverCommute staff via the website)
  • Please make your messages to the group
    (1) constructive and
    (2) factual (share statements about what you see/know
    Please share (info) …and don’t ask (questions of the group)
  • The recent media attention has indeed caused a “growth spurt” in our membership…so there will be some growing pains I’m sure…but we’ll get through it together.
  • Follow this link to a few bullet points on “best practices”

Thanks for making this happen. Let’s hope for a smooth commute.

-Conductor Josh

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