Welcome Boston!

The one-liner here is that you have joined a community that gives you the ability to help (and receive help from) your fellow passengers.
All of the “alerts” and “advisories” will come from YOU…and are sent directly to your fellow commuters (on your line).
Here’s more of what you need to prepare for “Day 1”

  • Your should have received a “Welcome” mail…and the only thing you really need to note is the one e-mail address you need for the train line your ride
    (You can always reach CleverCommute staff via the website)
  • As thousands of NY-area commuters know, this service is all about people-helping-each-other…and the other people on your list are your neighbors. Please make your messages to the group (1) constructive and (2) actionable.
    The recent media attention has indeed caused a “growth spurt” in our membership…so there will be some growing pains I’m sure…but we’ll get through it together.
  • Ask friends and fellow commuters to sign up. Speaking from my own experience, each community can (and should) grow much larger than they are now
  • Follow this link to a few bullet points based on our experiences in the NY area. Maybe the Boston-area dynamics will be reason to tweak these…but I think this is a good starting point

Some Boston-area commuters have most definitely had rough commutes lately. Additionally, there is wintry weather on its way. So…

  • Please help each other out
  • Encourage others to join. I will process any sign-ups that come to us before 11:00 PM tonight (and of course throughout the day tomorrow)

Thanks again to everyone for making it an exciting day.Welcome aboard.

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