NJT – Some news for NJCL (and others) on get-away Friday

Just a quick heads up in case you are not commuting this AM…or following this thread.

The portal bridge was open this AM…and it caused delays.
Montclair-line riders knew about an issue at 6:48 AM (but NJ Transit sent their first alert at 7:02…which did indeed identify the Portal Bridge as the root cause)

Some ideas and feedback for you:

  • I’m looking at ways to cross-share the news I see about delays (because “Clever Commute” receives the mails from all lines).
  • You should all sign up for NJT alerts (go www.njtransit.com for more info). I give people advice to not simply re-forward those NJT alerts to this group…as there is strong risk of those being simply redundant or stale by the time they gets to us
  • Encourage your fellow commuters to sign up for Clever Commute.
    The Montclair line has 4-5x as many people as this community. Don’t worry – it’s not chatty…but it’s a great network
  • Lead by example when it comes to sending alerts
    I’m sure a lot of you are reading this mail from the comfort of your homes today. But, the point remains that the info FOR this group comes FROM this group…so it’s up to you to share and help each other. Some days, you may feel like the you are the only one sending mails…but take it from me: people appreciate it
  • We are working on ways to recognize the people on each line that have helped the most. Like many places on the web/internet, experts can emerge and be “rewarded”…and we are looking at such models here on Clever Commute.

My in-box is always open to the wisdom of this crowd…as I am a just another commuter.

Have a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year.

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