The wisdom of this crowd

I’m going to start posting examples of instances where this community is providing information that is especially valuable. Examples might be instances when the info shared was quicker or more detailed than that from the transit providers. Let’s see how this develops.

Tonight: LIRR sends alert advising people of 15 to 20 minute delays due to a train striking a person on the tracks . Sent at 10:01:04PM. Hits my inbox at 10:02
(Affects Huntington, Port Jefferson, Ronkonkoma and Oyster Bay Branch trains)

At 9:49 PM, a PJ line Clever Commuter writes that there is a “Report of an accident ahead of us. We have been sitting…for 15 mins”

That same commuter wrote (at 10:09): ” Just started to move again after 20 min stop”

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