What this blog needs

  1. Clever Commute logo – Better branding via putting the logo somewhere on the page
  2. Resolve proper use of “Pages” vs “Posts” – I have been inconsistent as I don’t really understand the pros/cons of each
  3. A better template…or better use of this template
  4. Example RSS feeds – I’d like display one of my rss feeds here…but I do NOT want to share the underlying URL
  5. Example ads – I’d like to showcase screenshots from the mobile experience
  6. A section for Videos – Link to / embed items from my Youtube channel
  7. Proof of concept of iFrame – I’d like to have a page that has the Clever Commute iFrame
  8. Make interactive via moderated comments – Facebook Comments…and maybe another way to let users chime in and react to posts
  9. Workflow/Templates for examples – We document those instances where Clever Commute data is better/faster than others. It’s a manual process…and I’d love to templateize it…and outsource it (e.g., find a way to pay someone to ONLY do “example” updates. I would moderate them before they go live). Maybe the simple answer is to set up the workflow so that I moderate all posts
  10. Put ads on the site – Two types (1) From a network such as Federated Media and (2) from the actual Clever Commute advertisers (is there a way for WordPress to run an SQL query and display the results in a widget?
  11. Media kits (TBD)  – we have 4 media kits (for advertisers, for B2B clients, for the media, for the riders). Can we hist this content here on the blog? For example: 75% of the content is the same across all 4…AND…when I update one, I want the content to update in all 4. Note that this content can change several times a year
  12. Ensure this blog is secure
  13. Ensure that this blog is backed-up
  14. Strategy for managing upgrades to WordPress
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