What’s new at Clever Commute? Plenty!

Clever Commute provides a way for commuters to use their smartphones to help each other by sharing real-time alerts & updates with fellow travelers.
It started with a handful of commuters here in NJ…and has now become a part of the fabric of the daily commute in the top commuting markets.

  • Now serving CHICAGO…in addition to serving all of the NY metro area and Boston
  • NYC subways…did you know that 40% of the subway is above ground? Wireless is coming to the MTA…and people are signing up for our service!
  • What track is my train on? A new free feature and a great stress-reliever for riders of Metro North or NJ Transit Trains
  • Proof positive: We have now amassed over 130 recent examples where Clever Commuter data was better and faster than anything else out there
  • An incredible place to advertise
    – Local business can use our new “self-serve” model to create a local campaign. (clevercommute.com/client)
    – Large advertisers like the New York Knicks, Carnegie Hall, and Ann Taylor get full service.
    Our advertisers kit: www.budurl.com/cleveradkit
  • An army of commuters: We are nearing the 10,000 member mark…and literally growing every day
  • A proven, 2-pronged business model:
    – keep it free for commuters via non-intrusive relevant advertising
    Serve as the authoritative source of real-time data about the commute. (we license a datafeed to transit / news agencies)

Want to learn more about this exciting, patent-pending innovation? We’d love to talk to potential strategic partners, the press, and advertisers.

Joshua Crandall (Founder / CEO)
joshua – dot – crandall at clevercommute dot com
About us: https://clevercommute.com/blog/?page_id=2