2013 LIRR July 4 “get-away day” report

Since the holiday falls Thursday in 2013, this is already a relatively quiet week for commuting. But as always, we want to give you 3 things:

1. The official info from LIRR
2. A “look-back” at previous get-away days
3. Any other info you need to make this as easy as possible

1. The official info from LIRR 
  • There are additional trains from Penn on Wednesday afternoon
    Details can be found here
  • LIRR will operating on a Sunday/holiday schedule on the Fourth of July.
  • More info about fares and schedule can be found at the  LIRR website


2. A look-back
In 2012, get-away day was a Tuesday. The evening commute was fairly mild…with no major issues reported.


3. Noteworthy…
  • “Ticket lines” are one of the biggest complaints we see on get-away day.
    If you are at Penn tonight (or even tomorrow morning), then buy yours early
  • 2:00-3:00 PM is usually “the witching hour” …when things get crowded at the terminals
  • Heat –  The forecast is for 82 degrees at 2:00 PM
  • The trains are extra crowded…so bring a bottle of water.
If you have any other info you think would be helpful to know on “get-away”, then please let us know via our web site.


Thanks…and enjoy some time NOT commuting!


–Conductor Josh
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