Better info for bus riders (and car drivers)

Just in time for summer, we have completed our integration with the official Lincoln Tunnel alerts from the Port Authority.

Clever Commuters will receive all relevant alerts for the Port Authority Bus Terminal area. This includes info about the bus station, as well as info about inbound/outbound traffic, and the status of the exclusive bus lane (XBL).

The first Clever community to receive this feature are the riders on DeCamp bus lines. We plan to deploy this feature to other Clever bus lines shortly.

These new alerts are clearly labeled as being from The Port Authority…so commuters can distinguish them from other alerts from their fellow commuters. The PABT alerts have two great attributes:

  • They reflect info from the office of the PA…which has broad insight
  • They are generally followed by an “all clear” message when the alert is no longer in effect

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