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A great example of Premium benefits for bus riders

January 24th, 2014  |  Published in bus, Inside Track

Our premium service provides a portfolio of features to suburban commuters. One of the great benefits of the service is that our users can monitor the issues on other lines…without necessarily receiving extra messages (e.g., texts or e-mail)

Here is a great example from January 23, 2014: Riders on 3 different lines each shared real-time info about a developing problem at the Lincoln Tunnel. Together, this info would be helpful if you rode any of the lines below…or even if you rode another. There is no other source for this real-time narrative!

Bus Line Commuter Message Time
Coach USA / Suburban – East Brunswick Disabled vehicle in center tube of Lincoln Tunnel 7:33 AM
Coach USA – FLOW Bus lane stopped for a couple of minutes now 7:34 AM
DeCamp – 33 & 66 Bus lane dead stop 7:38 AM


Why our Premium sevice is GREAT for bus riders

September 15th, 2013  |  Published in bus, ITFeatureWriteUp, premium

You may already know that our premium service, is a great tool for people who ride the trains (e.g., NJT, LIRR and MNR).  But many features work just as well (if not better) for bus riders!

BONUS: – when you sign up for  Clever Commute Premium, you also get full access to the info about NJ Transit Trains. This is incredibly helpful for people who use both providers.

We now give you over 30 features. Here are some of the most-obvious ways that it can help ease and de-stress the bus commute (see the entire list here…with links to more info and examples)

  1. Control over the time-of-day and day-of-week you receive Clever Commute messages – If you are at your desk by 9:00 AM…then that is when your morning messages stop. Similar functionality for the evening.
  2. Integrated official alerts from Port Authority  – We have a feed from PABT and we send those messages to you (and you have the option to opt out)
  3. Integration with Twitter (e.g., DeCamp bus line’s Twitter feed is a good source of data. We give you the option to see those updates in the app).
  4. Automated cross-sharing – If any commuter (on another bus route) shares info that is relevant to you, you will see it in your feed (e.g., conditions at XBL, helix, PABT).
  5. Multiple feeds – Only Premium can see more than one feed in their Recent Alerts.
  6. The ability to “pause” your alerts on those days when you are not commuting (e.g., vacation or business travel) – Also, on any given day, you can “snooze” your alerts (for 6 or 20 hours).
  7. Delivery options – You can elect to receive alerts as push notifications, e-mails or simply via the app.
    [See an example]
  8. As of Dec 2016,it’s the only way to get your alerts as e-mails
    – If you opt-in to our e-mail-based delivery, then there is no need to open the message to see the alerts
    – The e-mails have enhanced formatting – Keywords are highlighted to make the important things stand out…and quick to read.
    – Faster delivery than the e-mails we used to send from our free service.

There are many other features…with more on the way.

Better info for bus riders (and car drivers)

July 1st, 2013  |  Published in announcements, bus

Just in time for summer, we have completed our integration with the official Lincoln Tunnel alerts from the Port Authority.

Clever Commuters will receive all relevant alerts for the Port Authority Bus Terminal area. This includes info about the bus station, as well as info about inbound/outbound traffic, and the status of the exclusive bus lane (XBL).

The first Clever community to receive this feature are the riders on DeCamp bus lines. We plan to deploy this feature to other Clever bus lines shortly.

These new alerts are clearly labeled as being from The Port Authority…so commuters can distinguish them from other alerts from their fellow commuters. The PABT alerts have two great attributes:

  • They reflect info from the office of the PA…which has broad insight
  • They are generally followed by an “all clear” message when the alert is no longer in effect

Please use the Contact Us feature of the website to share any questions, comments or feedback.











Maplewood, South Orange, Morristown…some helpful news for for commuters

November 8th, 2012  |  Published in announcements, bus, new markets, NJT, press, promotion

We created 3 new Clever bus communities. Please join whichever one(s) you like. If you have never used Clever Commute for the bus…then this might be a good opportunity to start.
(More info about Clever Commute here)

  • Lakeland bus Route 78 (Summit)
  • NJ Transit bus Route 107 (South Orange)
  • Coach USA Route 77 (Morristown)

To sign up: go to and change “Select provider type” to “Bus Alerts”.
(there is no easy way to simply “add” these to your current subscription…so you need to re-sign up for each. Sorry)
A few other caveats:

  • If you are new to Clever Commute, it may take a few days until you can _send_ messages…but you will be able to _receive_ as soon as you get your “Welcome” e-mail
    (after you confirm…and we approve you)
  • When you get the mail asking you to confirm, please use the “Click this link” option. If you use the “reply to this mail to confirm”…you’ll see it does not yet work yet.
  • The e-mail address that you need for each community is found in the “Welcome” mail you receive after we approve/add you.
  • We are still working on the Twitter feeds for each of these new communities.
  • And of course: the content comes from YOU. Please lead by example and share whatever it is you think your fellow commuters want to know.

We pulled these together quickly…so there are some rough edges. Please be patient as we put the finishing touches on.
If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact Us feature of our web site

5 ways to navigate the DeCamp Bus Strike

August 31st, 2010  |  Published in announcements, bus


Attention  all passengers, effective 5:00 AM Thursday morning, September 2,  2010  the union employees of DeCamp Bus Lines will be on strike. There will be  no service. We will keep riders informed as information becomes available.


  • FYI for riders up-and-down the MBNTN line: DeCamp is a major provider of bus service to/from NYC for the Montclair area
  • NJT will NOT be cross-honoring DeCamp tickets

Here is what Clever Commute suggests:

  1. Stay up-to-date with DeCamp – Go to and sign up for their alert service
  2. Taking NJ Transit trains?
    A. Sign up for Clever Commute alerts for NJ Transit trains (Montclair line and/or Gladstone/Morristown)
    B. Buy your train tickets in advance. There is (generally) a $5 surcharge if you buy on the train.
  3. Use these NEW ways to get your “Clever” info:
    A. Follow the action on Twitter…and you can then receive the alerts however you want…even text/SMS!
    for the bus
    – do a “request-to-fillow” cc_decamp_33_66
    for the train
    – it’s cc_njtt_mbntn
    Of course…you can use whatever Twitter follow tool you like. Your smartphone probably already has one installed.
    B. Use our FREE mobile app. Just go here on your smartphone –
  4. As always: remember our “rules of the road” The most important “stuff” is
    A. you should “share”…NOT “ask” your fellow commuters for information. Questions to the group are a no-no.
    B. keep all messages civil, constructive, free of profanity
    More here –
  5. Pay attention to what NJT is saying about this

The good news is that the these train and bus lines are three of Clever’s oldest, largest and most mature ones….so you guys know what you are doing here.

If I missed anything that you think should be shared with the community of commuters…then please let me know. I’ll aggregate the ideas and re-share before the strike.  (feedback -at- clevercommute – dot-com)

Break down in Lincoln (T-57)

October 7th, 2009  |  Published in bus, examples

A Clever Commuter relayed this message an hour earlier than NJT shared their news

Clever Commute
[7:56 AM] – Bus lane stopped
[8:26 AM] – @ 8:25 the bus lane is not moving

NJ Transit [9:23 PM] -  Buses operating inbound to New York Port Authority Bus Terminal may experience delays due to a disabled vehicle in the Lincoln Tunnel.

Bermuda Tunnel (T- 15)

September 17th, 2009  |  Published in bus, examples, NJT

A Clever Commuter relayed this message 15 minutes before NJT shared their news

Clever Commute [5:38 PM] – Dispatcher announcing Delays b/c of vehicle stuck in tunnel

NJ Transit [5:53 PM] -  Buses in and out of New York Port Authority Bus Terminal are subject to 20 -30 minute delays due to a motor vehicle accident in the Lincoln Tunnel

Lincoln, Lincoln…what you thinking? (T- 19)

September 9th, 2009  |  Published in bus, examples, NJT

Clever Commuters shared the news 19 minutes faster than NJT

Clever Commute [6:45 AM]  – Slow going in LT. Stopped. So far 5 min to get half way through

NJ Transit [7:04 AM] – Buses operating inbound to New York Port Authority Bus Terminal may experience delays due to an earlier accident in the Lincoln Tunnel.

Labor-ious bus trip home (T- 47)

September 4th, 2009  |  Published in bus, examples

Kudos to the quick-thinking Clever Commuter who relayed this Port Authority message 47 minutes before NJ Transit share it

Clever Commute [3:51 PM]  – Outbound buses delayed due to an overheight bus stuck in the tube

NJ Transit [4:38 PM] – Bus service to/from Port Authority Bus Terminal, NY is subject up to 20 minutes delay due to an earlier incident in the Lincoln Tunnel

Bus trouble at the Lincoln tunnel (T-12)

July 23rd, 2009  |  Published in bus, examples

Our folks shared the news 12 minutes before NJT did

Clever Commute [8:50 AM] - Bus lane not moving at all for over 10 minutes

NJ Transit
[9:02 AM] – Buses operating inbound to New York PABT are subject to 10-15 minute delays due to a disabled vehicle in the Exclusive Bus Lane.