Maplewood, South Orange, Morristown…some helpful news for for commuters

We created 3 new Clever bus communities. Please join whichever one(s) you like. If you have never used Clever Commute for the bus…then this might be a good opportunity to start.
(More info about Clever Commute here)

  • Lakeland bus Route 78 (Summit)
  • NJ Transit bus Route 107 (South Orange)
  • Coach USA Route 77 (Morristown)

To sign up: go to and change “Select provider type” to “Bus Alerts”.
(there is no easy way to simply “add” these to your current subscription…so you need to re-sign up for each. Sorry)
A few other caveats:

  • If you are new to Clever Commute, it may take a few days until you can _send_ messages…but you will be able to _receive_ as soon as you get your “Welcome” e-mail
    (after you confirm…and we approve you)
  • When you get the mail asking you to confirm, please use the “Click this link” option. If you use the “reply to this mail to confirm”…you’ll see it does not yet work yet.
  • The e-mail address that you need for each community is found in the “Welcome” mail you receive after we approve/add you.
  • We are still working on the Twitter feeds for each of these new communities.
  • And of course: the content comes from YOU. Please lead by example and share whatever it is you think your fellow commuters want to know.

We pulled these together quickly…so there are some rough edges. Please be patient as we put the finishing touches on.
If you have any questions or comments, please use the Contact Us feature of our web site