Clever Commute’s on-time performance metrics

Historically, train on-time performance metrics have two flaws:

  1. They are self-reported (e.g., no independent verification)
  2. They use a non-neutral methodology  (e.g., one which favors the transit providers)

Clever Commute will address these issues via a new initiative: On-time metrics which are generated by the commuters on the trains.

Phase 1 will capture / measure performance for AM NJT trains at NY Penn Station.

How is how Phase 1 works:

  • At the moment that the train doors open at the terminal platform, use your mobile-enabled device to send a message to their train’s e-mail address (please read on)
  • Clever Commute will capture and aggregate this information (train #, arrival-time)
  • The address to use is
    (NOT the normal address you use to share traditional alerts)

For example, I often take this NJT train:

Depart : WATCHUNG AVENUE at 7:32 AM
Board : Train 6210 toward NEW YORK PENN STATION

The e-mail address for each train has the following format: train-number “at”

In this instance, it is Here is an example:


CleverCommuteTrackMetricsFormat   #1 – This train is NJT 6210… so the e-mail address is

#2 – Put the arrival time in the Subject
(e.g, 8:22)

#3 – The commuter does not need to add a Body


Clever Commute technology will then aggregate the data and create reports based on these actuals.

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