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Premium is Excellent for DeCamp riders (source: I am one)

September 12th, 2017  |  Published in examples

If you use the free service, please note that Monday was a great example of why you should check out our Premium service. 
Yes…a subscription costs a little extra (it likely adds less than 1% to your monthly commuting cost). 
But yesterday, our Premium users benefited many ways:

  • they knew, in advance, about the buses that DeCamp canceled
    (Clever Commute uses a datafeed of DeCamp’s announcements…and we show that to Premium users)
  • they know about an alert from Port Authority about delays going into NY
  • they had full control of what info they received and how and when

Plus more! The best write-up I have for bus riders is here: 
But we’re adding features like crazy…so there is more than that…and more on the way. 

So please open the app and click on the main menu.
Select the “Premium” to start your 30-day free trial

For the amount of time we all spend commuting…and the low cost of Premium service…it’s time to at least explore a free month. 
You can cancel any time…and I’ll refund the unused part. 

How’s that? 

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Premium User – you are in control

May 5th, 2017  |  Published in examples

[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]

We’re doing our best to keep the data volumes manageable…and will be enhancing our duplicate-checker soon.
A future version of the app will allow you to limit your alerts by
  • message category
  • duration of the underlying issue


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Granular control over your alerts, texts, pushes, e-mails

May 5th, 2017  |  Published in announcements

[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]

Fine-grained ability to set your delivery preference as you like!

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Premium for free

April 22nd, 2017  |  Published in admin


At this time, we have configured the Clever Commute app so that all users have free access all Premium features.

Q: What is Premium?
A: You may know Clever Commute as a free app…and it is. However, there are also dozens of amazing features which we provide to those who subscribe to Clever Commute Premium

Q: What are the features?
A: It’s a long list. See it here.

Q: Do I need to do anything to see the changes right now?
A: Just exit and re-enter the free app to experience eveything we have unlocked for you.
– See more hours of history in Recent Alerts (instead of the “2” that free users get)
Recent Alerts is easier to read (enhanced color coding and formatting)
Faster refresh (Recent Alerts will automatically refresh more often)
See alerts on your Primary, Secondary and Tertiary routes

You can set/see more fetures via Settings => Comms and Config
(and also just by clicking on options throughout the app)

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Thoughts on Track Predictions (and our Track Predictor)

January 31st, 2017  |  Published in announcements

[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]

Play it safe! Please do not descend to track level until your train has been announced.


In case you have not yet seen the visual walk-through of how it works, please visit this page.

We do not gaurantee that we will predict your track with 100% acccuracy. But we do our best to de-stress your evening. Our algorithms leverage our historical databases and real-time feeds from the transit providers.
As a result, we:

  • Limit the potential number of in-scope tracks to a reasonable number of choices
  • Eliminate tracks which will not be used for a given train
    (our eliminate processing is based on recent actual usage…so when a track is removed as a choice in the app, you have high confidence of where the train will not be)

Tip: The accuracy of the prediction improves as the official departure time nears.

In addition to our algorithms, the commuters play a part, too!

  • Form your own thesis! Use the slider to add/remove days of history to/from the forecast.
  • Look at the details and the summary to formulate your best guess
  • Press Cast Your Vote button to tell other commuters “The train is here!”

Remember: Most staircases serve two tracks…so that may improve your chances of beating the crowds.




Easy on the eyes :)

January 30th, 2017  |  Published in announcements

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.


The Picture 

(click to enlarge)

Need to Know


Here is how the Recent Alerts feed looks Before…

(By the way: Yes!
Premium users can get multiple routes in thier feed.
Ref: “33&66” as well as “Gladstone-Morristown Lines”)


And here is After

As you can see, numbers, keywords and stations
(not shown in this example) are highlighted for
quick and easy reading.

FYI – Clever Commute Premium e-mails are
are formatted the same way



You can turn this feature On or Off as you like.

Go to Settings and then select Comms & Config

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Why we say “Please do not share track numbers”

January 21st, 2016  |  Published in announcements, Inside Track

We know the commute is stressful…and it’s tempting to post (and ask for) track numbers via the free app. But it just doesn’t work for large audiences such as ours.
Why not?
You’d get messages about trains you don’t ride and You’d get lots of duplicate messages

Read on…

Between Hoboken and NY Penn (NJT) or Atlantic, NY Penn, and Hunterspoint (LIRR) ….there are many trains leaving the terminal each night. Therefore, if people started posting track numbers for every train, three things would happen

  1. you would get messages about all trains…all night long
  2. you would get multiple messages about each train
  3. you would get messages about trains at stations you don’t use

It quickly becomes untenable. 

I don’t mean to be sales-y…but we do indeed offer an automated track-number delivery service (text, e-mail or both)…for only the trains you ride.
Remember: Once the track number has been delivered to your phone, you have that info even after it’s been removed from the departure board.
We also have technology which predicts your track number. See it all here:



Set your “MyTrains” so you receive official updates on your trains!

January 13th, 2014  |  Published in Feature

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

The  MyTrains feature which gives you a suite of tools for the trains you care about.

Here is an example of a STANDBY message regarding a specific train [click to enlarge].

We also tell you when one of your trains is DELAYED or CANCELLED.


But wait…there’s more: our technology can ALSO alert you when there is general trouble on your line.

In a related feature, we warn you when 30% of the overall trains listed are on STAND BY.


Improving your experience: MyTrains

December 18th, 2013  |  Published in Inside Track, ITFeatureWriteUp

[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]

MyTrains is how you tell Clever Commute your train-specific preferences.  Use the Add Train button to select the trains you care about. For each train you can:

(1) Request to be notified when the track is announced. That notification may be any or all of the following

  • Text message (also known as SMS)
  • E-mail
  • Push Notification

(2) Be notified when there is a change in the train’s status.
For now, this feature is only available to NJT/LIRR riders (see it).
(Coming soon for NJT Riders: your MyTrains are highlighted on your departureboard)

NOTE: For now, MyTrains is only applicable to evening trains



Track numbers – text messages and e-mails (examples)

June 24th, 2013  |  Published in Feature

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

One of our most-loved features is that our app sends you a text message and/or e-mail of your track number.

We only send you announcements for trains you are interested in. Here are the steps to select your trains.

Example of a track-number text message:








Example of a track-number e-mail:
TrackNumberEmail <= Note that everything you need is in the subject line