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Identifing the train makes Alerts even more helpful

February 26th, 2017  |  Published in Feature

Summary: The Participate feature allows you to optionally identify the train affected. That information is then shown as part of the alert (in Recent Alerts, push notifications, and e-mails [Premium feature])

Based on your My Commute settings (Origin, Destination, Primary route), and the time of day, the app queries official schedule data provided by NJT, LIRR and MNR to show you a list of relevant choices (see screenshots below).

More Info: People generally know the station and time of their trains (but not the provider-issued train number). For example, I know the NJT 8:14 AM from Watchung Plaza to NY Penn. That train just-so-happens to be #6214. As 6214 travels toward NY, it is known as

  • 8:17 AM at Walnut Street
  • 8:21 AM at Bay Street
  • Etc

The app now figures all this out…for both the Sender and the Receiver of the Alert!


  • The app dynamically adjusts the view of the alert based on the Origin of the person reading it.

Therefore, a rider from Bay Street is presented is told that the problem is with “the 8:21 AM from Bay Street to NY Penn [#6214]”.

We do our best to make the app as smart as possible for both the Sender and the Receiver. There are some nuances and exceptions (e.g., not all trains make all stops…so in that case we show the reader the Origin/Destination of the train).


Overall: We love it when our Senders identify the train when sending an alert.  Some final notes:

  • If you don’t see your train in the pick list, then please let us know
  • Senders can write in the train number if they know it
  • Senders should not put any train identify info in the body of the actual alert…because it’s now automatically/consistently added based on the official train number

Here’s another example that shows how cool this is:

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The Clever Commute Track Predictor

May 31st, 2016  |  Published in Feature

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.
Play it safe! Please do not descend to track level until your train has been announced.


Here is a graphical walkthough of our amazing track predictor. No other app or service provides this feature.

Additional topic: Thoughts on track predictions

Screen Shot
(Click to expand)


It starts with your custom departureboard.

It’s 5:49. The 6:08 is not announced yet.

Click on the History icon to see the prediction
and the and supporting stats…

Look at what happened next:



Your Track Prediction

This train…

  • is usually announced 9 minutes in advance
  • has been on 4 different tracks…
    in the previous 20 days (see next picture)

Clever Commute gives you the edge

  • Identifies the higher-likelihood track
  • Eliminates tracks which won’t be used for this train tonight 
  • Commuters supplement our algorithm based on what they see…and people they know

Step 1: Position yourself to beat the crowds!

Step 2: They announced your train…track 4
Have a seat, my friend. You deserve it!

You could stop right here…but read on if you want to know about our more-advanced features and analytics…

Do you like data? We do! 

  • We give you a summary of tracks previously used by this train
    • Pie chart
    • Table
  • We provide a slider so you can show more or less data.
    (5 – 60 days)

Note: As you see here, past performance does not necessarily predict the future (Compare Track 2 here to the prediction table above)


Here is the day-by-day track history.

Hmmm….based on those numbers…would YOU predict 4? 2? 9 3? Don’t worry! Our servers and algorithms keep on crunching the numbers
…right up until the official track announcement is  made!

Your Commute

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in Feature

[contentblock id=4 img=gcb.png] My Commute

Just the facts, m’am

You want to know what is happening on your line…and this feature is where you tell us about your commute.

(The Profile feature tells others about you…and the Comms and Config settings describe your app preferences)


Your Clever Commute profile

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in Feature

In version 2.0, we overhauled what used to be the Profile page...and broke it into new components. This post explains one of them:  

Your profile

Think of this as the Who are you? section of the app. It is not What is your commute? Nor is it What are your app preferences?

  • Switch between transit lines to see alerts on other routes
  • Easily modify your primary route, start/end points
  • App-based approach keeps you logged in

Eventually, we’ll expose some of that information in order to improve the experience for you and your fellow passengers.

We will not expose your name, e-mail address or zip code.

We may share

  • Your nickname
  • Your badge (e.g., Tourist, Commuter, or Rail Warrior)
  • Your start/end stations
  • How many people have marked you as a favorite
  • Your bio (users have the option to leave their bio blank)
  • A Commuting tip (users have the option to leave this field blank)
  • A URL/website (again – this is optional)

Set the refresh rate…history duration, and much more

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in Feature

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

Premium users get a better, richer experience…with fine-grained control to configure it as you like!


Snooze, Pause and Resume

May 30th, 2016  |  Published in Feature, premium

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

Done commuting for the day? On vacation? Traveling on business? You can now turn off notifications from Clever until you are ready.

Finding it: Under the main menu, click on Settings and then Comms and Config

Button Value When to use it


Opt out of the in-process commute (e.g., AM)…but resume for the next one (e.g., PM)


I’m not commuting today…but I do want tomorrow’s info to be there for me

Other notes

  • You may also set the Start / End to any valid dates/times you wish
  • The app shows you “ZZzzz” in the top red bar when alerts are paused


Set your “MyTrains” so you receive official updates on your trains!

January 13th, 2014  |  Published in Feature

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

The  MyTrains feature which gives you a suite of tools for the trains you care about.

Here is an example of a STANDBY message regarding a specific train [click to enlarge].

We also tell you when one of your trains is DELAYED or CANCELLED.


But wait…there’s more: our technology can ALSO alert you when there is general trouble on your line.

In a related feature, we warn you when 30% of the overall trains listed are on STAND BY.


Control the time-of-day and day-of-week for your alerts

December 30th, 2013  |  Published in Feature, premium

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

One of our most-popular features: Control the days / times that you receive alerts.

Available in…
Set Controls for Free Service? Premium Service?
Time Of Day Yes  Yes
Day of Week No Yes

[Click to enlarge]

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Track numbers – text messages and e-mails (examples)

June 24th, 2013  |  Published in Feature

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

One of our most-loved features is that our app sends you a text message and/or e-mail of your track number.

We only send you announcements for trains you are interested in. Here are the steps to select your trains.

Example of a track-number text message:








Example of a track-number e-mail:
TrackNumberEmail <= Note that everything you need is in the subject line 


4 of the coolest ways to have a more Clever Commute

June 17th, 2013  |  Published in Feature

[contentblock id=2 img=gcb.png]

Depending on your transit provider, we provide up to 4 ways for you to catch your train…via the use of our technology.

  1. Track numbers delivered via text message and e-mail…so you have it handy! (more info here and examples here)
  2. Track number predictions help you get a jump on the masses! (more info here)
  3. Track numbers for departed trains…even after they are taken off the board!  (more info here)
  4. Track number advance notice metrics so you don’t waste time waiting for laggard train announcements  (more info here)