Managing the “Good News” alerts at the start of your commute

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.

The Heads-Up feature sends Premium users the official view of their commute at the user’s stated travel time.

Some riders want to suppress those alerts. To accomplish that, they may use another Premium feature: the ability to stop notifications from any given user. How to:

  1. When you see such a message in Recent Alerts, tap on the actual Reported By: name
  2. On the subsequent screen, tap on Stop notifications

A longer (and older) video about this feature is here

The implemenation (and pros/cons) varies by provider per the table below

LIRROfficial_LIRRThis will also stop notifications for intraday official LIRR alerts
Metro-NorthOfficial_MNROther intraday notifications come from Official_MetroNorth…so user can decide to suppress one or both
NJ Transit TrainsOfficial_NJTOther intraday notifications come from line-specific accounts…so user can decide to suppress one or both