Bus commute may get bad. We took down the Clever paywall.

The Route 495 bridge replacement project has started. It runs until Summer 2021.

Two important headlines:

(1) There are links below to help you learn about it
(FYI: Transit reporter Larry Higgs has a good presence at NJ.com, Facebook, Twitter…and more. He’s been following all of this closely.)

(2) Clever Commute has taken down its Premium paywall

Now through Labor day September 9 so that all NJ users (train or bus) get free access to all information and features

More on (1) – Understanding what is Happening

More on (2) – All NJ Commuters get Free Premium services through Labor Day

The “Free” app and the “Premium” app are the same product…but you must be running the latest version in order to take advantage of the unlocked Premium features (how to tell).
If you are already on 3.2.3 (the latest), then logout/login to experience all features.

The easy way to check that you have activated Premium: There are no banner ads in the app!
Suggestion: Go to Settings => “Comms & Config” and change the value of “History – Alerts” to see more than just 2 hours of recent history.

Please use this opportunity to share info and help each other.
Please use the “Contact” feature of our web site if you have any questions.


–Conductor Josh

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