5 ways to navigate the DeCamp Bus Strike

From www.decamp.com

Attention  all passengers, effective 5:00 AM Thursday morning, September 2,  2010  the union employees of DeCamp Bus Lines will be on strike. There will be  no service. We will keep riders informed as information becomes available.


  • FYI for riders up-and-down the MBNTN line: DeCamp is a major provider of bus service to/from NYC for the Montclair area
  • NJT will NOT be cross-honoring DeCamp tickets

Here is what Clever Commute suggests:

  1. Stay up-to-date with DeCamp – Go to http://decamp.com and sign up for their alert service
  2. Taking NJ Transit trains?
    A. Sign up for Clever Commute alerts for NJ Transit trains (Montclair line and/or Gladstone/Morristown)
    B. Buy your train tickets in advance. There is (generally) a $5 surcharge if you buy on the train.
  3. Use these NEW ways to get your “Clever” info:
    A. Follow the action on Twitter…and you can then receive the alerts however you want…even text/SMS!
    for the bus
    – do a “request-to-fillow” cc_decamp_33_66
    for the train
    – it’s cc_njtt_mbntn
    Of course…you can use whatever Twitter follow tool you like. Your smartphone probably already has one installed.
    B. Use our FREE mobile app. Just go here on your smartphone –  http://m.clevercommute.com
  4. As always: remember our “rules of the road” The most important “stuff” is
    A. you should “share”…NOT “ask” your fellow commuters for information. Questions to the group are a no-no.
    B. keep all messages civil, constructive, free of profanity
    More here – https://clevercommute.com/blog/?page_id=22
  5. Pay attention to what NJT is saying about this

The good news is that the these train and bus lines are three of Clever’s oldest, largest and most mature ones….so you guys know what you are doing here.

If I missed anything that you think should be shared with the community of commuters…then please let me know. I’ll aggregate the ideas and re-share before the strike.  (feedback -at- clevercommute – dot-com)

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