A rare AM/PM double-header for Metro North’s New Haven line

Wire problems snarled the AM commute. To MTA’s credit, they sent out a few alerts which were timely and informative. We like to think the Clever Commute alerts added color and detail ๐Ÿ˜‰

But for the PM commute, when a train broke down, it seemed like nothing official was sent by MTA.
So riders took matters into their own hands:

6:46 – “5:59 from GCT took on disabled train passengers at Pelham”
6:29 – “5:28 to So No Starting to Unload Passengers”
6:18 – “5:28 to So Norwalk is broken down at Pelham. No power or PA. Passengers likely to disembark”
6:14 – “5:33 to Harrison reversing and being re-routed to get around the disabled train…”
6:06 – “5:33 to Harrison slowing west of Pelham”
5:59 – “5:58 to So Norwalk stopped without power in Pelham”

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