A time of giving…from Clever Commute to you (new features)

As of Monday, December 1, we will start phasing in some exciting changes to Clever Commute. For now, we expect that the only changes you can actually “see” will be for the better. Here is an overview of what is going on:

(1) Improved messages in your inbox:

(a) Cleaner content – In order to help protect your privacy and improve quality/readability of the “alerts,” we have implemented a new real-time process to strip out extra content…and leave you with “just the facts”.
(b) Better “footers”  – they will now contain “Did you know?”-style updates from Clever Commute (us) to you. These are separate from the actual alerts that are sent by your fellow commuters. So, please look for the new tips at the bottom of the mails.

(2) Sponsorship opportunities coming soon – As we have shared in the past, it’s key for us to keep Clever Commute free-to-use by commuters. Our business model continues to evolve…and we have received consistent feedback from you that an advertising-based model would be a suitable solution. We are in the final stages of planning to support this approach.

If you are an advertiser interested in connecting with the Clever Commute ridership, please look for the updates we have posted at our blog

(3) Lots more! – In the next few weeks, you’ll be hearing about several new products and services which include

  • more/better choices for text messaging / SMS
  • RSS feeds and widgets
  • Integration with Twitter and similar services

So…if you see anything out of the ordinary on Monday and beyond, please let us know (feedback -at- clevercommute dot com). Note that we’ve done some very rigorous testing…and will be closely monitoring things as well.


Conductor Josh