An amazing (yet limited-time) offer for NJ Transit riders

The first 100 people to sign up for our premium service will receive a special back-to-school rate of $2.99 a month (before it returns to $3.99 a month).
(as always: a 30-day free trial…and two months free when you subscribe for the year)
Remember, from now on, you MUST be a member of our premium service to receive…
  • our Labor Day get-away tipsheet
  • advance notification about a BIG event this week which will impact your commute
  • A COOL new feature which means you no longer need to receive your Clever Commute alerts via e-mail
    Imagine: You ONLY see “fresh” alerts…and it faster than e-mail. No more inbox!
    And if that’s not cool enough: you can actually scan/monitor TWO train lines this way!
  • track number history for ALL trains…and advance notification at many other stations
Again – here is the link to sign-up