How we manage duplicate messages

Here is how it works:

If user A tries to Send an alert which is similar to a previous messge from user B” the app will pop-up a message with details of B’s message to expain that they are potentially sending a duplicate.

User A then has 3 choices

  1. Edit their message…and therefore differentiate it from the one sent by user B
    (an then re-send)
  2. Cancel their message…since the one sent by user B suffices
  3. Send the message as-is

Our intent here is to fully leverage the wisdom of the crowd…while also being sensitive to the amount of data you get.

We certainly don’t mean to frustrate anyone….or fail to share relevant information.

But also want you to understand that it is very difficult for technology to determine true duplicates. Our approach will never be perfect. However, as time goes by, we “tune the dials” to improve the features and richness of this algorithm.