Tourists, Commuters, Rail Warriors, Bots and Admin

There are 4 (levels) of users of the Clever Commute app…as defined by these badges

clevericonmap (1) Tourists
– Newbies, probies or anyone whose ability to send messages is limited/restricted
(this is quite rare)

clevericontrain(2) Commuters – these are the vast majority of users.


clevericonribbon(3) Rail Warriors – These are trusted, elevated users with a strong history of constructive messages. The three most-significant features of Rail Warriors are:

(i) They have the ability to send messages to multiple communities at a time.
E.g., “All LIRR Riders”…”All NJT Midtown Direct Riders”…”All NJ Bus Riders”

(ii) Their messages bypass the app’s “duplicate checker” routine.
Even if our screening technology flags one of their messages as a possible duplicate of another one already sent, we give the Rail Warrior’s message the benefit of the doubt by letting it through.

(iii) They are not held to the same limits on the length of their messages

clevericonwand(4) Admin – That’s me: Conductor Josh. My messages have a light blue background.


clevericonpawThis designates someone who (regardless of the badges above) is Premium user.


This designates an automated message (bot / robot, Twitter, etc.)

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