Rail Warrior – The Cleverist of the Clever

  • Are you in that small percentage of Clever Commuters who share the info which powers our crowdsourced offering?
  • Have you ever thought I have something to share with fellow commuters…but it is actually of interest to more than just the people on my route?
Yes and Yes? Then we have a solution for you!
If you meet our criteria, we can promote you to Rail Warrior. These are the folks who have distinguished themselves through leading by example (learn more about the other badges).
What can a Rail Warrior do?

For starters, we give delivery priority to messages from Rail Warriors.

Then, in addition to being able to continue to send messages to folks on their own commuting route, they also have the ability send a message that goes directly to a wide audience.


If your primary route is…You can send to…
A NJT trainAll 4 Midtown Direct Routes
All NJT Train commuters
A LIRR trainAll LIRR Branches
A Metro North trainAll MNR Branches
A NJ BusAll NJ Buses

The Rail Warrior user sets the Audience via new options which we unlock only for them!
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