Features, features, features for YOU

Overview: In order to be able to serve you best, we’re rebalancing the portfolio of products we offer to commuters.

What’s new:

What’s going away:

  • Free e-mail-based send/receive of messages
  • Our old premium offering, which we called The Inside Track
[Note: It is indeed still possible to receive your alerts as e-mails. Please read on].

Your call to action: (1) cut-over to the free app and (2) unsubscribe from the old listserve way

More Info: In the 18 months since we put out the first version of the app, we have invested mightily in getting to the point where we can say it’s time to move all remaining users from e-mail to the app (what people are saying about the app).

The free app does so much more than the old e-mail service. Plus, it works on iPhones, iPad, Android devices and even some Blackberries.

As we manged the customer migration to the app, we heard about two features that some riders want:

  1. Continue to receive their information as e-mail
  2. Follow the information on multiple train/bus lines

If you are still hungry for those and other features, then check out Clever Commute Premium. As a lifelong commuter (and 20 years on NJ Transit’s Montclair Boonton Line) I can say with confidence that our Premium service provides what you are looking for.

Premium does much more than #1 and #2. Yes – it gives you an enhanced e-mail experience where messages are delivered faster and more-reliably. You also have the the alert in the subject line of the e-mail (you may not even need to open them!). The message body has an enhanced format for readability. Also, you can hide/block messages based sender.
You have full control over when you receive the messages (e.g., time-of-day, day-of-week). You can pause/resume/snooze your alert messages, as well.

A few closing notes on Clever Commute Premium

  • It is sold as an in-app purchase via your app store
  • There is a 30-day free trial
  • There are at least 8 ways to be eligible for free access to Premium
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