Yup – people love the new app :)

Cindy L said:

Clever Commute continues to evolve to meet the needs of its users.
The app gives me immediate knowledge to meet the challenges of my commute and avoid as many of the inevitable surprises as I can.
It gives me the advantage of timely information before everyone else has it!

Fredrick H shared this:

It completely changes the way I commute.

Jeff F said:

Clever Commute has been a life saver for several years now. But with the release of the app, it has become even easier to be in the know about what’s happening with my line and Penn Station in general. I have current, actionable status at my fingertips no matter where I am.

From Marc S:

I have been using Clever Commute since it began. It’s been invaluable in keeping me informed about the status of my trains, but the new iOS app is great.
As I was getting ready for a fast getaway on Monday before the storm, I was getting real-time status reports from other commuters.

Rider David G gave us this:

Posting to Clever Commute has never been easier and the notification alerts ensure that I’ll never miss an update.

Veteran commuter Eric W said:

I have been a clever commute user for about 2 years and have been waiting for an app.
Not only is the app easy to use, but the pop-up notifications ensure you never miss a commuting issue!!

Steve O gave us this:

I use Clever Commute every day when I’m commuting to and from New York on NJ Transit. It’s an invaluable tool that I use to keep my commute as efficient as possible, especially on days when there are delays. Being informed is the best weapon to avoid stress in your daily commute and Clever Commute delivers.

Adam J feels this way:

Bad bus day @ PABT + helpful mobile phone app notification from Clever Commute = winter commuting a little less painful and a lot more informative

From Patrick M:

Commuting is tough. Clever Commute makes it better.

Lawrence H shared:

The information provided by the Clever Commute app is extremely timely and informative. It was so important to receive notices quickly to get alternatives so you can still get home in a timely manner during the blizzard of 2015.

Nancy C put it this way:

A quick and easy way to both send and receive commuter updates.

Loretta H summed it up:

Here’s how I feel about the app: The Clever Commute app is like tweeting for commuters.

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