Autumn 2015 Free App Beta

Specific info about the Fall 2015 beta…

(General info about Clever Commute beta tests can be found here:

Overall Info about this new version

If you want to send a test message, please follow these steps

So, what’s new?

Recent Alerts

  • Simplified voting (Upvote/Downvote)
  • You can now see the geolocation of the alert

Send an alert

  • Improved user experience for categorizing message. User can select from list…or simply let Clever Commute technology decide.  In a future version, this will be used for enhanced detection of duplicate messages


  • Total overhaul
  • Integrated other regions (future feature… Just use NJ Commute, LIRR or Metro North for now)

Not yet functional / known issues

  • On Send an Alert, the train pick list not fully functional/accurate
  • Send/browse functionality when you have no signal / airplane mode
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