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In case you want to test out sending a Clever Commute message

June 20th, 2015  |  Published in App, documentation, Ops, techdoc

If you want to test it out without sending a “real” alert:

  1. Select the Participate menu option
  2. Set (1) What do you want to do to Send test message
  3. Set (2) What’s happening? to Other 
  4. Set (3) What’s the impact? to Unknown or N/A
  5. Leave (4) blank 
  6. Set (5) Tell us a bit more to I am a commuter doing a verification of my account
    …and press Send.

    Do NOT use the word test in your alert.

Use the Contact feature of the website to let us know you did a test…and we’ll let you know if we got it. 
(It will NOT be visible in the app) 


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