Spring – new beginnings

The one-liner: we are eliminating the old, free e-mail-based service…and replacing it with two options to receive your Clever Commute information.  [Note: It is indeed still possible to receive your alerts as e-mails].

A large number of Clever Commuters have cut over to use the new free app. It provides all the functionality of the old way…and we are thrilled to hear what people are saying about it.

Last month, we stopped supporting any new sign-up requests for the old e-mail based way.
As of April 30, we will no longer offer a free, e-mail-based solution. Commuters have two options:

  1. The free app – It works on iPhones, iPad, Android devices and even some Blackberries.
  2. Our premium service [The Inside Track] – It has all of the features of the old free service (including e-mail delivery)…as well as 30+ other incredible utilities.
    The current promotion is that the $39.99 annual price is reduced to $29.99 for the first year.
    There are actually 6 ways you can get it for free!

Over the last two months, as we mange the migration to the app, we have heard two key pieces of feedback:

  1. Some users want to continue to receive their information as e-mail
  2. Some users want to follow information on multiple train/bus lines

The Inside Track solves for both of these challenges…and SO much more. It gives you an e-mail experience which is worlds better than the old free service. Use our mobile web site to view data as well as set your delivery preferences. Messages are delivered faster and more-reliably. They also have the the alert in the subject line of the e-mail (you may not even need to open them!). The message body has an enhanced format for readability. Also, you can hide/block messages based on category (or sender).
You have full control over when you receive the messages (e.g., time-of-day, day-of-week). You can pause/resume/snooze your alert messages, as well. You can even elect to receive your messages as text messagesFeatures vary by provider (e.g. LIRR vs NJT vs Metro North)…but you also get:

  • Track prediction / Track History – Use our algorithm to beat the crowds
  • Train performance metricsHow punctual is your evening train?
  • The ability to find trains which have been removed from the departure board – (Shhh…Did you know?)
  • See the geolocation of the alerts (shows each message on a map) and trains
  • And a daily Commuter Forecast for your evening commute

Final note: The Inside Track is not yet an app. However, we are in the process of moving all of the The Inside Track features into the app. Therefore, over the next few months, we’ll migrate functionality from the mobile web into the app…and it will be provide there as an in-app-purchase.

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