How to beat the crowds at Penn Station

Here is a fantastic example of how a commuter can use The Inside Track to determine which track their train will be on…before it is announced.

In this scenario, it’s 5:58 PM and the rider is shown the track number for the 6:10 PMwith 92% probability (see disclaimer below).

The transit providers claim to announce trains “10-15 minutes prior to departure.” However, this train (announced 7:47 in advance) represents what we see based on actual data.

This example demonstrates the value we provide. If you were an The Inside Track user on this day you would have known your track assignment…

  • 12 minutes prior to departure time and
  • 2 minutes earlier than NJ Transit announced it!

Disclaimer: This is a real example from the Montclair-Boonton line on September 2, 2014. Probabilities will vary based on a variety of factors…and will change as scheduled departure time nears. Always confirm that you are on the proper train.

Step 1 – [5:56 PM] Arrive at Penn Station

Here is a view of the NJ Transit departure board.

Nope…the train is not posted yet

Step 2 – [5:58 PM] Check The Inside Track


Since we get our departure board data from the transit providers, it’s no surprise that we don’t list the track number yet, either.

But you can click through on that last column…

Step 3 [5:58 PM] – Your Track Number Prediction…with supporting data!

#1 – Your track prediction!
#2 – Track number history …as a pie chart
#3 – Track number history…as a table
#4 – Extra info…just to keep everyone honest 🙂

Step 4 – [5:59 PM] Still waiting on NJ Transit to announce the track number


Step 5 – [6:00 PM] They finally announce the track.


Optional Step [Anytime] – Browse the track history details for this train