The power to hide/block messages by sender

Another amazing feature of The Inside Track is the ability to maintain a blacklist / whitelist of commuters and data sources. Therefore, you can elect to not receive future messages from certain your discretion. You can also mark a sender or data source as a favorite (more on that later).
To block or favorite a sender, just click on the link in the message (example below).
To manage your list of blocked/favorite senders, use the show-hide senders feature. This is an option on the gears/settings menu in The Inside Track app. (click to enlarge this example for a message from user holb111)








Note: There are a few special senders: the transit providers themselves!
Maybe you want to “show them some love” by marking them as favorites. OK, maybe not:)
But we just wanted to be sure you know which user ID’s represent the official alerts from the various transit providers:

Transit Provider User ID
NJ Transit (MyTransit) NJTTrainsViaCleverCommute
NJ Transit (Twitter) @NJTransit [beta]
LIRR (eAlert ®) LIRRViaCleverCommute
LIRR (Twitter) @LIRR
Metro North (eAlert ®) MNRViaCleverCommute
Metro North (Twitter) @MetroNorth
Port Authority Alerts
(Lincoln Tunnel, XBL etc)
DeCamp Bus Lines (Twitter) @DecampBusLines