Enhanced Twitter integration

This page explains one or more of the dozens of amazing features found in Clever Commute Premium.
As a premium feature, Clever Commute follows the relevant transit providers on Twitter. We then give you to ability to opt-in/opt-out of each. The content is then delivered to you according to your preferences (e.g, time-of-day, day-of-week, snooze/pause-resume, text, e-mail etc).

For example:

  • DeCamp Bus lines ONLY shares info via their Twitter – @DeCampBusLines.  However, not everyone is a Twitter user.
  • Also, even if you are a Twitter user, you don’t want to check Twitter AND Clever Commute just to see your alerts.

Our solution:

  • incorporate these Tweets into Clever Commute
  • attribute the Tweets to the owner (e.g., sender = @DeCampBusLines)
  • give you the ability to opt-out (not receive) messages from that sender

And of course you still get all the bells-and-whistles mentioned above.


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#1 & #2 – Message source is clearly labeled

#3 – You have the choice to “opt-out” by adding the underlying sender to your “Block List”